GS Auto Clicker Review​​​​​

Are you searching for a free tool that automates mouse clicks? Do you need a Fast Auto Clicker? The GS Auto Clicker automates the repetitive task of clicking the mouse and eliminates the need for repetitive and monotonous activities. 


With this free Windows application, you can set multiple click patterns to be automated at the click of a button. You save time and protect your mouse and touchpad at the same time with this program. 


GS Auto Clicker: In a Nutshell

Free to download, GS Auto Clicker download offers numerous time- and effort-saving features. Several different games depend on this app to help gamers reach a high score by automating repetitive mouse clicks. As part of the app, you can perform repetitive tasks with your mouse quite efficiently as it doesn't consume a lot of system resources. 


This software utility only works on Windows PCs, and it lets you automate repetitive tasks using mouse movements and clicks. This way, you can activate the tool at any time, and the tool will control your mouse and act for you.

How user-friendly is GS Auto Clicker's interface?

As soon as you finish downloading GS Auto Clicker for free on your PC, you'll be presented with an installation window, where you'll need to click on 'Next' to install it. 


When the installation is complete, you can open the software and begin using it right away. This program has an old, but simple interface. Users who aren't tech-savvy will find the app easy to use because it has only a few essential functions. 


In the app's primary window, users are advised to enable mouse clicking by pressing F8 on the keyboard. It is easy to change the default hotkey to another one of your likings if you want. The 'Help' section of GS Auto Clicker provides answers to most questions users might have while using the tool.  

How does GS Auto Clicker work (Steps Listed)


The following steps will show you how to initiate GS Auto Clicker. You will be able to maximize the functionality of the auto clicker by following these instructions. 

Configure click settings.

Using this tool requires that you first set it up, which you can do by following the directions below. 

  1. In the main window, click on "Options" and then "Clicking".

  2. Set the type of mouse click and whether it should be a single or double click under "Options.". The pointer can also be fixed here if you want it to.

  3. You can set the frequency and interval between recurrences in the section called "Repeat." Alternatively, you can set the program to repeat itself until it is terminated or simply simulate the click.

  4. Launch GS Auto Clicker by pressing the F8 key on your keyboard. 

Record and play clicks.

Clicks can be recorded and played back as well. Using this method, you can repeatedly click on a specific point on your screen. Individual clicks would be recorded by GS Auto Clicker. Here are the steps you need to take to accomplish this task. 

  1. Click on "Options," then "Recording." After clicking "Multiple clicks" you will see a screen like this:

  2. You can activate the recording function by clicking on the box right in front of "Record and replay multiple clicks".

  3. You can record a point by clicking on the button that says "Pick point".

  4. This process should be repeated until all the required clicks have been recorded, then finish by clicking "OK."

  5. The clicks can be played by either clicking on the button in the main window or pressing F8 or the relevant hotkey (see next steps).

Make further settings

GS Auto Clicker allows you to adjust other settings. In the "Settings" section, you'll find three additional settings that could impact how the software behaves.

  • The automatic click in Hotkey begins and stops at a specific key on your keyboard.

  • By choosing "View," you control whether GS Auto Clicker minimizes when you click and maximizes when you stop clicking.

  • Under "Other," scroll down to the "Other" drop-down menu to specify what will happen after a click: whether the program or computer must be exited after a certain number of clicks.


Are there any advanced features?

Gaming-specific tools are included with GS Auto Clicker. A single click on the program will execute a series of mouse clicks.Several keystroke shortcuts are also at your disposal as well as the option to add repetitive phrases with the click of a button. 


Additionally, you can record a series of mouse clicks, in which you click on different areas of the screen one at a time. Clicking on the hotkey assigned to this input will allow you to repeat it later. The app is therefore capable of automating a wide range of tasks simply by clicking. 

Is GS Auto Clicker free?

This free GS Auto Clicker download is one of the best parts of it. There are no subscriptions offered in the application, nor do advertisements interrupt the workflow. The app is compatible with all versions of Windows, including Windows 7 and Windows 10.  


Should you download it?

You should download GS Auto Clicker from here if you want to automate mouse clicks. With this application, repetitive tasks are simple and easy to complete. 


Pros and Cons 


  • You can download and use it for free

  • Automates with a single click

  • Allows users to set multiple click sequences



  • User needs to configure properly before using


Our take


GS Auto Clicker saves you time and effort by automating repetitive tasks. It's important to download this program for that reason. By automating clicks and creating patterns that repeat themselves once you click, it offers a range of essential features and functions. 

Check out this video to learn how to use an auto clicker:-